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Our programs are designed by women, for women, and can dramatically change the way you look and feel in as little as 1 month. Our nationally certified fitness experts create workouts designed specifically for a woman’s body.

Modifications of each exercise are shown, making the workout experience great for chicks who may already be in great shape as well as those who have never worked out before.
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When you first arrive, you will be greeted by a friendly trainer who truly cares about helping you, and you will meet other ladies who share some of the same interests, goals and concerns that you have. Before the workout you will receive a full body composition from your trainer, and have an opportunity to talk about what you, personally, what to achieve. You’ll also receive a free meal plan from a nutritionist to maximize your boot camp results. This plan includes family friendly recipes and printable grocery lists to make healthy eating simple.

Start with us at any time; there is no waiting for a new camp to begin. Your "home camp" will meet 3 days a week. You always get a fat-blasting, full body workout, and all exercises are shown at various levels, so everyone is working at their own pace. Your trainer will be there to encourage you and keep you accountable! She will even check in on you if you miss class. We love to keep our chicks accountable. Our workouts are always fun and challenging. They are always changing to keep your muscles guessing and created for results.

If you would like to flexibility to attend classes outside of your own camp, or get in more than 3 TFC workouts each week, beginning in 2016 Chicks on the 6-month, 3-month or 1-month plans have the ability to attend up to 8 classes per month outside their "home camp." So you can now get up to 20 classes per month!

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FCT offers a $25 credit towards your next months' camp for each friend you refer! No limit on the number of referral credits you may earn! Friend must enter your FCT ID upon sign-up (there is not a way to go back and get credit if she fails to enter it during first sign up) and only applies to a regularly priced boot camp package. Credit will not apply to a Groupon registration (however, if your friend uses your ID when she registers for the first time with her groupon, if she re-signs for a regularly priced package after her deal is over, you WILL get the credit towards your next camp).  No cash value. Non-transferrable.

Eating sensibly is the cornerstone of any successful health and fitness program, yet nutrition can be confusing! Let's face it: sticking to a strict meal plan, counting calories, and creating dishes that leave you unsatisfied makes dedication near impossible. If you aren't an expert, nutrition planning is a daunting task. Fit Chick Training is here to make your planning a breeze. Simply select the foods you most enjoy and will do the rest! We'll create dynamic meal plans suited to your individual tastes and fitness goals, even including your organized shopping lists and detailed preparation instructions. No need to worry about cooking every meal from scratch though, Fit Chick Training will also guide you to select the best options while dining out. In the click of a button, our easy-to-use mobile platform gives you the nutrition answers you need!

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