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Jeannie Holehan Biography

As early as she can remember, Jeannie loved to run and bike and exercise. She’d do Jane Fonda step aerobics, religiously and, she absolutely LOVED Tamilee Webb in the Buns of Steel series, not to mention the crush on Greg Smith from the original. Totally showing her age, but that’s how she grew up. Then she had her first baby.211 pounds. For someone thats barely 5’2~! But, she worked it off using her favorite Buns of Steels series and her passion for running and yoga. Then, 11 years later, she was pregnant with her second. She got to 165 this time, not as bad but it was a complete struggle to get those extra pounds off. Then, she found Texas Fit Chicks and LeighAnne! After using one on one personal training sessions at the gym, she didn’t see the results she was looking for. But, she saw a flyer at Run On for TFC and decided to go for it. She fell in love! After training with TFC for almost a year, she decided to make a change professionally and do what she loved! Exercise and motivate others to not only feel better but, to be healthier and stronger!


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