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Hello! I’m Terah Risner and I’m a NASM certified personal trainer with Texas Fit Chicks. I am beyond excited to join you on this incredible fitness journey by bringing Texas Fit Chicks to Kyle!

I am from the Texas Panhandle, and am a firefighter wife. Honestly, I haven’t always enjoyed working out. In fact, in high school I got out of athletics as soon as possible. I wasn’t coordinated and definitely wasn’t good at sports. ‘Going to the gym’ was not in my vocabulary. But after joining a kickboxing gym while in college, my perspective on working out started to change. I definitely struggled when I started out. It wasn’t easy, but eventually I began to see and feel changes. I loved it! And after moving to the San Marcos area, I developed a desire to share my newfound love for the gym so I began working towards getting my certification in personal training.

I have a passion for fitness, and in helping women discover that true beauty lies within. When you have confidence in yourself, you can truly do anything. I became a Texas Fit Chicks trainer for that very reason. Here at Texas Fit Chicks, we believe that all women are better physically, mentally and emotionally when they are fit. Being healthy impacts a woman’s success in all parts of her life! Working with a trainer doesn’t have to be intimidating or uncomfortable. As a woman, I share the same insecurities that all women struggle with. But I am here to motivate you and to help you meet your personal goals. Working out can be so much more than moving around some weights or spending a million hours on the treadmill. It is more than ‘looking good’; it is about FEELING GOOD about yourself!!

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NASM — National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Became a Fit Chick Trainer!

    One year ago, I went to my very first Kyle Texas Fit Chicks workout! I had no idea what to expect. I couldn’t do one sit-up, had no idea what a burpee or Tabata was, had to take multiple breaks and I started with 3 lb weights. Terah has been so completely amazing and of course has been a HUGE part of my transformation! She was there for me every class for the past year pushing, motivating and challenging me! Also nudging me to step up my weight game along the way, (I am now using 8 and 10lb weights and shopping for 12s!) I can’t thank her and Texas Fit Chicks enough for helping me on this journey! I’m happy to say I can do about 100 sit-ups now in one sitting, and burpees and Tabatas don’t suck as much as they used to! I’ve lost 13 pounds and about 14 inches in the past year! Not to mention I feel soooo much better about myself inside and out which is the best progress for me I think! UPDATE – She in now the Buda Texas Fit Chicks Trainer!

    – Jessica Garcia

  • Gained Self-Confidence!

    Fit•ness – the condition of being physically fit and healthy. This is exactly what I believed fitness to be 6 months ago, a condition. A mental condition for people with addictive personalities who let fitness consume all the time in their days and every aspect of their lives. Today, I am embarrassed by my past self and the judgements I made about “fit” people. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was in denial. I was miserable. I was 6 months into marriage and gaining weight at a rapid pace. And the worst part was my negative attitude towards eating healthy and being physically active. It wasn’t for me. I didn’t have the wherewithal or the motivation to do it/make it a habit– or so I thought. I needed to make a change and I knew it so I started scanning Groupon for the cheapest alternatives for eating healthy and working out. This is when I found Texas Fit Chicks. I bought the Groupon and within minutes I was exchanging emails with my new trainer Terah, and my first class was set for Monday – April 4, 2016. This was the day that changed my lifestyle and outlook on everything fitness-related. The class was new and exciting each time I went, the other women were welcoming, encouraging, and willing to share their own fitness journeys (without fear of being judged), Terah was positive, motivating, and honest, and I had found the fitness path I wanted to continue down. My body was changing without me realizing it. I had let my body image get so distorted by my initial weight gain that I wasn’t allowing myself to see my results. Lucky for me, Terah loves the little accomplishments, and lets myself (and the other women) know when a baby muscle has appeared somewhere on our bodies, when our squats get lower, when our pikes get higher, and when we accomplish something that we couldn’t just a few weeks prior. She rubbed off on me. I started to see the little changes that were occurring and started appreciating my accomplishments and my body more. Since starting TFC I have lost about 10 pounds and a few inches from my waist, arms, thighs, etc. But, most importantly to me, I gained confidence in myself, I gained confidence in my body, and I have gotten physically and mentally stronger. I know that with my continuing TFC journey my strength will continue to increase, my eating habits will continue to get healthier, and the love I have for TFC and the ladies I get to spend three evenings a week with will just get more intense with each passing class because I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

    – Julia Thomson

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