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As a mom of two young children, working full time, with a husband who also works full time and takes evening college courses, I found there was very little time for me. Then the day came in September, 2012 when I decided to quit making excuses and start making changes! So I did my research and decided Texas Fit Chicks had an awesome program. I told myself I can do anything for 4 Mondays, I am going to do bootcamp to get myself back in the routine and lose this baby weight. After starting and being motivated by such a unique program, I could not stop and now I am a TRAINER! I want to provide women in Denton with an up-beat, fun environment while inspiring and helping them become stronger, healthier and more fit. It is an amazing Life Changing Event …. working out with women of all ages, stages, shapes and sizes but one thing in common: the desire to be more healthy and fit. The camaraderie and accountability you get with Texas Fit Chicks makes joining PRICELESS! Come be a part of my group and TOGETHER we will make it HAPPEN!


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  • I signed up as an official member of Texas Fit Chicks February 1, 2015.   TFC is all ages and all sizes of women with no condemnation. These women support each other.

    After the first week I was hooked.  I had a place to work out with other ladies, and I don’t have to figure out what I’m going to do each day I work out!!  The Awesome thing about Texas Fit Chicks is every day it is something different and there is always a modification if you are not at the level of some of the exercises.  Our Amazing trainer, Christy Riley, is always willing to help you and show you the correct form. She will get you motivated to push yourself to reach your goals. She will remind you that you can do anything for 20 seconds!!  You can’t find that in a gym!!!

    I feel so much better since starting with Texas Fit Chicks.  It’s so good to be able to work out first thing in the morning and have it done for the day.

    If I can do it anybody can do it!!!  I get excited about the small things in life so taking one day at a time and one step at a time with Texas Fit Chicks works for me!!

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