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Trina Warrick Biography

Trina, known to her friends and family as Wonder Woman, knows what it means to manage a busy schedule to include a solid workout. As a former coordinator for a popular wedding venue, it meant long hours, nervous brides and lots of wedding cake! Trina has always enjoyed working out and being athletic, but after turning the ripe, YOUNG age of 40, she decided that slow pitch softball was no longer enough to keep her blood pumpin and energy levels up. For most of her life, Trina has done her best to maintain a healthy lifestyle, balancing workouts and nutritious meals. She finds her motivation, in large part, from her family because of the numerous medical conditions, illness and ailments that many of those closest to her suffer from. Not one to sit back and watch, Trina takes life head on. Her mother suffered from a lung disease which severely limited her ability to take in oxygen; Her response? Sign up for races and stair climbs that benefit the very organizations and societies trying to find a cure! By doing this, she sets an example for those around her: Take charge of your life and your health! In June 2011, Trina, determined to do better, but not break the bank in the process was bored with her current workout regime, Trina began looking to make a change, and as we know, shopping is a great way to do that! A Groupon for Texas Fit Chicks jumped out at her and luckily the deal had not expired! Trina snatched up the offer and began training with LeighAnne that month. In her classes, Trina quickly became the cheerleader, motivating and pushing others (and herself!) when everyone thought they had nothing left to give. Just over a year later, Trina became certified to teach her very own TFC classes! Being a trainer is one of the most rewarding things Trina has ever experienced. Helping women overcome their personal battles with weight, to push past their old boundaries, and then to motivate and encourage other women to do the same is both empowering and inspiring!

Anna Texas Boot Camp Info

Boot Camp Classes: 5am, 6am & 7pm – M, T, Th


  • AFAA — Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
  • CPR — Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • Loves the accountability!

    I love TFC because it is something I look forward to and I actually go! I have had numerous gym memberships and they all have been a waste of money as I don’t go consistently enough for it to be worth anything. I love the accountability of Trina and friends if you aren’t there. TFC and Trina has not only helped me become a more fit mother it’s helped me become a better mother and wife. I am less irritable, have more energy, and am able to make healthier decisions for my family without a second thought. -Fit Chick since March 2013.

    –Tori C

  • Hooked After First Class!

    I just wanted to send Texas Fit Chicks a quick note because I believe you need and love to hear feedback from your customers. I started TFC on a groupon back in March in Anna with Trina Pollock Harris. Just like so many others I was hooked after the first class and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve always been one of those yo-yo exercisers, tried other classes, gyms, bought the equipment, the DVD’s……I’m sure you hear it all the time. I love the workouts and every single class pushes and challenges me, it’s absolutely awesome! I see the amazing body transformations both in my class and from the posts on Facebook and your newsletter, but I wanted to give you some other feedback. I have always put the inches and weight loss secondary to how I feel, don’t get me wrong I want to acheive that too, but for me it’s not the most important. What I’ve learned is that I am the perfect example of “not eating enough”. Prior to starting TFC my normal eating routine was no breakfast, lunch only if I had a meeting (if not a quick grab and go snack – never healthy), and then while starving at night I’d have a huge processed dinner and completely over eat. I am a work in process and I’m still figuring things out, but since joining your group I’ve learned so much about my eating habits and am consciously doing things different and not starving myself anymore (which is what I was doing even if I wasn’t “hungry”). Through talking with Trina and getting her advice, reading articles that she forwards and seeing the TFC newsletter I’ve completely changed my perception on eating. Starving yourself and buying “diet” and “low fat foods” is what the industry throws at all of us. Now I know that it’s not just OK to eat but that I NEED to eat. I get great recipes and tips for healthy eating and I’m learning as I go. I love how this class makes me feel and I’m taking steps to get the clean eating and regular eating down. Feels like baby steps sometimes, but steps none the less. I just wanted to share with you the impact that this group of women has. It’s not just a fitness boot camp, it’s a group of women empowering other women to get fit and live healthy. Many preach these things but this group actually does it. Just wanted to let you all know how impactful you are. I feel blessed to have Trina not only as an awesome trainer but an amazing friend who never hesitates to help any of her chicks. While I’ve lost inches and weight – who wouldn’t with your workouts – I’m looking forward to seeing bigger results inside and out by utilizing the tools I now have for healthy eating in addition to the great workouts. Thank you for all you do, -Fit Chick since April 2014.

    — Sarah J

  • I Love TFC!

    I’m a busy Mom of 3 plus I baby sit 3 kiddos and have my own little piñata and cake business. Before I started TFC I was doing exercise DVDs in my house, walking and jogging sometimes, but when I went to a free class and it was a leg day at TFC and I realized that this is really exercising! Wow I fell in love with it even though I couldn’t not walk and sit on the toilet the next day. What I love about TFC is every day is a different work out and my Trainer Trina Pollock Harris is amazing and she pushes you to finishing your workout. -Fit Chick since April 2014.

    — Silvia S

  • Mental and Emotional Wellbeing is BACK!

    When I started fit chicks in September all I cared about was losing weight. That’s all I had in my head and I was a failure if I didn’t lose any. I quickly learned that TFC is much more than just losing weight. In fact I haven’t lost any weight and have lost minimal inches. I had good weeks and bad weeks at making it to every class so I didn’t have anyone to blame but myself. But what I’ve learned is that I didn’t need TFC to lose weight, even though I need to lose a good 10, but I needed it for my mental and emotional health. The past 13 years I have put all my energy and time towards my kids and family. I have made sacrifices and given up everything for myself for my kids. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining one bit about those sacrifices. But along the way I lost a part of myself. TFC has helped me find myself on different levels again. I am more mentally clear throughout the day and have energy to get me through multiple practices, games and a very active 2 yr old without the daily Monsters I used to live off of. I’ve NEVER been a morning person. I want to be left alone and not talked to by anyone for at least the first 30 min after I get out of bed. Quite frankly I’m a bitch in the mornings. We would have full blown meltdowns and arguing before school EVERY morning. Either a kid would go to school crying or me to work crying. About 2 months ago one of my kids said to me: ” our mornings have been really good since you’ve been going to workouts”. That really put things in perspective for me. Bc I had been living for my kids and family, I had become an uptight stressed out mess, but since I’ve been doing something for myself I’ve relaxed and the kids feel that so they are more relaxed,which makes everything so much easier. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is TFC has given me back my mental and emotional wellbeing. I have fitness goals and weight goals, but the more important thing to me is keeping my mental and emotional health in tact. I’ve stopped focusing on the number on the scales and focused on how happy I’ve felt since I started TFC. Thank you Trina for being by my side during this journey. I’ve gotten way more out of it than I ever expected. – Fit Chick since August 2014

    — Ashley W

  • 8.25″ and 8.6 pounds gone in just two months!

    After owning a successful landscaping business for many years, I had an accident breaking my back and several ribs. I could no longer do the strenuous work, so I became a stay at home mom of 2 great kids. I often find myself doing so much I’d forget to eat. When I did eat, I ate fast food, comfort food and drank a lot of specialty coffee. I would feel so guilty for even asking my husband if I could go out for a while by myself, even though he never minded. I would try to walk and get exercise by YouTube, DVDs and the gym but I’d see all these skinny people working out next to me, so I felt even fatter. At my heaviest, I felt so discouraged to even look at myself in the mirror. I hated the woman looking back at me with a passion. I was so wrapped up in thinking, “if I could just get this pill, If I could just lose a few pounds I’d feel better, If I could only figure out what I’m doing wrong.” Nothing I tried seemed to work. I was depressed and I hated myself. I constantly said things like “I’m fat, I’m a loser, I can’t do anything right” It wasn’t until my sweet son who was 4 at the time said “mom I’m a loser” that it hit me, the damage I was not only doing to myself, but to my precious kids. We moved to Texas in June 2015, by the middle of July I had found TFC. There, I felt at home my first workout. No one judged me, no one looked at me like I was a fat loser. Everyone welcomed me with open arms from day 1. I also found out really fast, what you tell yourself will either build you up or tear you down. With the help from my trainer, Trina, I began changing my eating habits, making sure I go to every workout, keeping a positive attitude and loving myself for the first time in a long time. TFC is real ladies, real workouts, no judgment. We all encourage one another and all keep each other accountable. Although, I’ve only been with TFC for 2 months, I am so thankful I found these ladies. They are not only my accountability, they are my friends. I have learned that being fit is so much more than being skinny, it’s not all about the scale, if you eat right and exercise right you will get healthy and I can do anything I set my mind to do. I encourage everyone to stop beating yourself up with negativity. Tell yourself I CAN and YOU WILL!!

    — Rose H

  • I have been a proud member of TFC for almost 6 years now! That in itself should speak volumes of how fantastic this program is. Women coming together supporting and encouraging one another make for a wonderful experience. If you have been thinking about trying TFC, take that first step and contact a trainer in your city. If you are in Anna/Van Alstyne/Melissa area, I can promise you, our trainer Trina is AWESOME and any of her classes will welcome you with open arms and offer support and encouragement! Come join us!!!
    -Gina R.

  • I tried to put these in order starting from when I first started April 2016. Not sure if you can see
    the progression, but I definitely can. I know exactly where my mind and self-esteem was in all of these. You never know what a person has gone through by just looking, but man oh man! A miscarriage, depression, feeling worthless and unworthy, new town with no contacts or a job…
    But then came that Groupon and Fit Chicks became a permanent part of my life! I’ve said this once before or maybe more than once – I have gained so much more than muscles and a trainer. There have been friendships formed that were so unexpected. My mom is protective of me and especially when I decided to go to climb a rock in the hill country with my ‘workout group.’ Last year I was able to tell her and it is still true – these girls won’t leave that rock without me and they would save my life if needed. Ask Patty 🙂 – Choya

  • Trina’s the big sister you need in your life! She’s compassionate, motivating, and keeps you
    moving forward. If you’re looking for fitness you can stick with, if you want a program you won’t
    quit, if you want goals with results, then I HIGHLY recommend TFC Anna! – Courtney V

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