Fit Chick Turned Trainer!

We LOVE when our chicks have so much success with us that they decide to become trainers and lead their own boot camps! Here is one of our chicks turned trainers – and we wanted to share her story with you. It’s so inspiring!!

Meet Jessica 🙂



I’m Jessica and I am the trainer at Cross Roads TFC! In 2016, I made a New Years Resolution to get healthy! I was a new mom of a newborn and an 18month old. I was over weight, tired, and so ready to make a change!

That New Year’s Resolution has been LIFE CHANGING for me!! It wasn’t just about a physical change, it was a mind set shift of NOW is the time to take control of my health and make time for ME!!

My children and husband DESERVED a healthy mom who was physically and emotionally fit to take care of them!

I found Texas Fit Chicks and fell in love! The workouts were different each time, I looked forward to seeing my friends every morning, and the kicker? They NOTICED if I wasn’t there. I wasn’t a number or just a body at a gym. I was a valuable member of a group of like-minded individuals that cared about each other, that pushed each other, that supported each other, and that cheered for each other’s success!

Now, I am blessed to be the trainer of a group that has impacted me personally! I put my heart into my chicks and I want to see EVERYONE make a positive change in their life like I did!

I would LOVE to have YOU be a part of our tribe. If you are interested in trying a free class and finding out what Fit Chicks can do for you, email me today!! We have a spot just for YOU and I can’t wait to help you on your journey! Email me TODAY so we can get started on those goals for 2019! This is your YEAR to put yourself first! You deserve it and you’re worth it! ♥️


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