Fit Chicks at home workout….because swimsuit season is upon us!

​Here is a Fit Chicks home workout for you!

Warm up- 4 min
30 seconds each
High knees
Jumping jacks
Butt kicks​​
Lateral hops
Air squats
Skater hops
Mountain climbers
Jog in place

🔥Next—> ABS
3 sets
HOLD A 8-25 lb dumbbell
Move continuously from one exercise to the next, never placing the dumbbell down. Take no (or minimal) rest between sets.

Set 1 – 20 reps each
Set 2 – 15 reps each
Set 3 – 10 reps each

Sit ups
Russian Twist
V-Sit Rows

Grab your other dumbbell, you’ll need 2.

Move from one exercise to the next with no rest.

Take 45-60 seconds rest between sets and aim to hit 4 rounds with perfect form.

10 x Squat to shoulder Press
10 each side x Reverse Lunge to Bicep Curl
10 each side x Lateral Lunge to Front Raise
10 x Man makers (Push up to Renegade Row to Burpee)

🔥Next —> upper body and cardio
Complete 3 sets of each super set, taking no rest between exercises and 45-60 sec. rest between sets.

3 sets
12 x Bent Over Row
12 x Alternating Bicep Curl
12 x chest down burpees
-1 minute rest-

3 sets
12 x Pushups
12 each side x Plank Tricep Kickbacks
12 x plank jack to push-up or plyo push-ups
-1 minute rest-

3 sets
12 x Military Press
12 x Upright Row
12 x star jumps
-1 minute rest-

🔥 The big finish!
2 rounds- times
Round 1 -35 seconds work with 15 second rest
Round 2- 30 seconds work with 10 seconds rest

Squat Jumps
Lateral Skater Jumps
Alternating Lunge Jump
Bicycle crunches
Lateral burpees

😓And done!

Cool down Stretch!

Thanks to our morning McKinney trainer LeighAnne for this one!


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