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Best Weight Loss Workout in Coppell

If you are looking to lose weight and get fit, getting started can be overwhelming. There are so many diet choices, exercise plans and ways to lose weight. How do you know which to choose? Do any of them work? Do you need a gym? What about a trainer? A lot of women would love to afford a personal trainer but simply cannot. That’s exactly why we started Texas Fit Chicks. Giving all women the access to an expert trainer at a fraction of the cost. When you join Texas Fit Chicks to you get a killer workout and amazing support on your new fitness journey.

Women Fitness Training

Working with a trainer is an excellent way to lose weight and gain lean muscle. The trainers we have at Texas Fit Chicks, are nationally certified in personal training and know the best ways to burn fat quickly and get you toned. Women’s bodies respond differently than mens’ when it comes to nutrition and exercise. (We can thank our hormones for that.) So it makes sense to work with a trainer who knows how to help a woman get fit, no matter her age. Another great reason to work with a trainer is they can keep you motivated. How many times have you decided to lose weight and fallen off the wagon the second you decided to sleep in or eat one of those donuts in the office break room? A trainer can hold you accountable. If you don’t show up, they will call, text or DM you.

If you’re not sure what kind of training is most effective at burning fat and losing weight fast, the answer is HIIT. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. These workouts consist of short intervals where you work very hard followed by short periods of rest. You will mostly do combination moves that work multiple body parts at the same time. Your trainer will decide what moves to do and can help you get started. This workout is intense but don’t worry. You work at your fitness level to hit the moves and go as quickly as you can. Modifications can happen for almost any move. There is no shame in slowing down either! You will feel the burn more plus this will ensure that you are using perfect form. And please do not worry about the person beside you. They’ll be too busy working hard to even notice what you’re doing! Our community is one of support, motivation and encouragement. Everyone is truly working at their own level.

Another key component to losing weight and getting fit is nutrition. You simply cannot lose weight with exercise alone. You may have success at the beginning, but your nutrition choices will catch up to you. It’s important to eat a healthy diet filled with lean meats, vegetables and healthy fats. If you aren’t sure where to start with that, Texas Fit Chicks has you covered. Your trainer will give you a 30 day meal plan to point you in the right direction. It will include printable grocery lists and recipes that even your smallest food critics will love. Once you master the basics of healthy eating, you will be able to make your own recipes and take your fitness to the next level.

Where Can I Find a Fitness Boot Camp Near Me?

Starting a new fitness journey can be intimidating, especially when it involves walking into a class full of strangers. Being brave enough to take that first step is so important though! No one can change your body but you. And if you want to live an active and healthy life, the time to get started is now. Remember, Texas Fit Chicks is full of friendly faces and for women only. No need to worry about bulked up muscle heads yelling at you or blowing whistles! Instead you will show up, sweat, have fun and burn a ton of fat. So come on! Let’s go! We’d love to invite you to try a FREE CLASS and see why more women choose to be a part of our FIT chick family! Find a location with fitness bootcamp near you.


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