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Growing up as an athlete and competing throughout high school, health, wellness and fitness have always been a part of Kit’s daily life. It wasn’t until a single car accident, involving three young adults, that she was forced to come to terms with the looming possibility of a different lifestyle....

Best Weight Loss Workout in Plano

If you are looking to begin a new life of better health and fitness, it can be difficult to take that first step. There is a whole world of diet plans, exercise programs and weight loss regimens to follow.

How is the novice fitness enthusiast supposed to make a proper selection? Would it be better to select a gym, or personal trainer? A personal trainer may be the best option but not everyone can pay these rates.

It was this very confusion that led our team of fitness instructors to begin the program called Texas Fit Chicks. This makes it possible for all the women who join our program to gain the advantages of working closely with personal instructors for far less than personal trainers typically charge.

Personal Trainer Instruction at Texas Fit Chicks

Working through a guided exercise program is one of the best ways to lose weight and begin developing lean muscle mass. The trainers you will find at Texas Fit Chicks are all certified nationally. This allows you to gain the expert perspective needed to face the personal challenges posed by your body.

Women’s Fitness Training

Men’s bodies are very different from women’s bodies and even though a male trainer can have a theoretical knowledge of these many differences, having a female personal trainer makes sense. In addition to the intelligent approach and insider perspective, a personal instructor can provide the essential motivation factor that keeps your goals in your sights.

Consider how many times the best laid plans are suddenly thrown to the wind because one day you decided to sleep in, followed by a doughnut in the breakroom and then the whole plan seemed pointless. An instructor can make you accountable by reminding you to stay the course through calls and messages. If you do slip up your instructor will know just what to do to get back on track.

HIIT –– High Intensity Interval Training

Are you looking for the most effective exercise program for losing weight and burning fat? Then HIIT is the solution you seek. HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training is an exercise program consisting of exercises in short intervals separated by shorter rest periods.

These exercises typically combine several major muscles systems and your trainer will decide which moves are the best for a beginner and help you through the process of building a stronger. leaner and healthier body. Make no mistake about it the workout is going to be difficult, but, with the proper instruction you will avoid the considerable learning curve and begin to reap the results of a healthier body.

Working at your own level and your own pace is a concept we promote highly, this is ultimately the fastest way to hitting your goals and making progress. You will find that almost all moves have modifications that can make it easier to execute while building strength to goals. And don’t feel bad if you are making slow progress, the point is to keep going. Never mind the people around you either, they will be far too busy focused on their own efforts to be worried about yours. In our community, everyone is working at their own level to make the progress they need to make.

Proper Nutrition

Another one of the most important aspects of properly adjusting your diet through exercise is getting the proper nutrition. Exercise is only half the equation, but you will not be able to support your exercise efforts if you haven’t given yourself the proper nutrition. Make sure you are eating a diet full of healthy veggies, proper proteins and healthy fats. If this aspect of better health and fitness has you stumped, don’t worry, the girls at Texas Fit Chicks have the perfect solutions to your needs.

In addition to a full 30-day meal plan, you will find a printable shopping list that can make your trips to the supermarket a precision task. Once you have understood the balance and concepts of proper eating, you will be ready to take your exercise routines to the next level.

Where Can I Find a Fitness Boot Camp Near Me?

Stepping into a room full of unfamiliar faces to make a stand for better health and fitness has its uneasy moments. But, you will be happy to know you will enter a community of like-minded women who are here to offer support, motivation and a friendly environment to help you on your way. SO, what are you Waiting for? Come and join our happy family of Texas Fit Chicks! Find a location with a workout bootcamp near you You can even start with a FREE CLASS!


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