Healthy (and great looking!) Shoulders

Want healthy (and great looking!) shoulders? Check out this video from our Buda morning Fit Chicks trainer Coral!

Healthy Shoulders
What many don’t know is that the shoulders recruit muscles in your low back and neck for help when they can’t do it themselves. 
With that said, check out these simple exercises that will strengthen your shoulders, and protect you from injury! 🌸

💥Here are a few tips!💥
1️⃣Breathe!! Inhale at the bottom, exhale on the lift.
2️⃣Keep a soft bend in the knee.
3️⃣Draw your navel in and scoop hips up to keep low back arch minimized.
4️⃣Relax the shoulders down away from the ears.
5️⃣Keep a soft bend in the elbows too! If you don’t, the neck and back are straining to lift.

📹Check out this video to see all these tips put into action! And please, take my guidance; so you don’t want to be thrown off the exercise wagon!! You’ve got this!

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