We love our chicks!

Our trainers go above and beyond simply leading great workouts for our chicks! Our program is so much more than a workout. Here are some ways our trainers love their chicks ~ and create the community we are so well known for…..

“I plan an outing at least once a quarter for my Chicks. We’ve done Painting with a Twist, craft class, aerial yoga and Hawaiian dancing, dinner, movies, brunch then cryo-therapy, the Float Spot, a spa night with dinner, chair massages and yoga, girls night out with dinner and dancing, girls night out at a winery and so much more. I will send out good morning and wake up texts at 4:15 for those that want/need one! I always do a big party in January for “Christmas” after everyone has been so busy in December.  We’ve done several different gift exchanges at different restaurants or my house.  This year we painted ceramics instead of doing gifts and I catered a meal for them. For 2019, I have started picking a couple of my Chicks each day to send a random text to. Whether it’s seeing them working extra hard in class or maybe having perfect attendance one week when they have struggled getting to class, seeing them shrink and transform, or knowing they’ve got something going on at home… It’s just a short, positive message telling them how amazing they are and that I love them. ~ Trina (Anna Fit Chicks)
“I do once a month Saturday morning yoga/relaxation classes to promote rest and injury prevention through stretching. I also buy them clean meal replacement shakes as giveaways for doing extras – like writing down their goals and bringing them to me 🙂  ~ Jenafer (Haslet Fit Chicks)
“For new sign ups I give a jar of bath salts with a card explaining how to use them and some recommended stretches to go along with them 🙂 ~ Karen (Willowbrook Fit Chicks)
This is just a few examples of how we are not your average fitness class. Our trainers truly love helping chicks both in and out of class! And of course – will check in on you if you miss class for excellent accountability!
If you’ve been thinking about trying out class with us ~ Now’s the perfect time. This month we are sharing the love and inviting anyone that is not currently enrolled to enjoy a free week of training! Just visit our website and click on the “Find a Camp tab” enter your zip code and all the locations near you will appear. Reach out to that trainer directly to schedule your trial! 🙂


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